Children's Program

Our programming is geared towards helping refugees resume their lives, which includes making sure our students and their children have access to quality education. 

Drop Childcare 

Before their classes at HOCW, mothers can drop off their children who are too young to attend school at our day care. Knowing their children are being cared for, women can focus on their studies during the day. Children are also served hot lunches.

Holiday Children's Program

In the time during school holidays, HOCW hosts children's programs during the week. It is an extension of our drop childcare program and incorporates their school curriculums. At the end of the break, there is a closing festival to celebrate the children's hard work in school as well as to showcase the talents of our youth. In Uganda, families must pay school fees to attend school. For those who struggle to afford these fees, they can apply to have their children sponsored through HOCW.