Our staff is a mix of refugees and locals, creating a group of individuals who understand how best to serve the community. 

We are dedicated to assisting families and individuals fleeing violence find peace within a new community. Through education, counseling, and job-training programs, our clients are able to improve their livelihoods.

HOCW does a great job of supporting not only the students but the staff. It provides the staff with professional development workshops, childcare, lunches, and breakfasts. This support allows coworkers and me to fully focus on our work at HOCW.
— Jackline Masika

Our Staff


Bolingo Ntahira

Bolingo is the founder and Executive Director of HOCW. Prior to working at HOCW, he worked as a manager for Agape, another refugee organization. He is from Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Emily Milinga

Emily is the Volunteer House Coordinator, the Savings Group Supervisor, and a member of the Women's Collective. She has been married to Bolingo, the Executive Director of HOCW, since 2007, and has been working at HOCW since its inception in 2008. Prior to working at HOCW, she worked as a teacher, nurse, and counselor for a NGO called ETN in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is from Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


JacklinE Masika

Since 2016, Jackie has been HOCW's Accountant. She is from Kampala, Uganda and studied Adult and Community Education at Makerere University. Jackie was drawn to HOCW because of its efforts to empower women through teaching income-generating skills as well as the unique way it works with both the local and refugee populations. 


Brenda Nsangi-Nanyuja

Brenda is a counselor and co-leads the children's program at HOCW. She first joined HOCW as a computer student in August 2013 and was hired as a full-time staff member in May 2014. Brenda's favorite thing about working at HOCW is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. She says that "when you are here, you can forget all of your problems. You don't feel alone." Brenda studied literature and art at Uganda Martyrs and Winston High Schools and is from Kampala, Uganda.


Rebecca Kaweke

Rebecca is the Manager of the Women’s Collective as well as an English teacher. She initially came to HOCW to learn English and was later hired as a staff member in 2013. She enjoys the fellowship and interaction with other people she has while working here. Prior to working at HOCW, she was a homemaker and tended to the family farm. She is from the Buganda region of Uganda.

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DieudonnÉ Butsisi

Dieudonné came to HOCW in 2012 as an English student. He joined the staff in May 2014 as a counselor. Prior to working at HOCW, Dieudonné worked as a medical supervisor at various NGO's in his home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo, including the American Refugee Council, Save the Children Foundation, Médicos del Mundo and MERLIN. He also worked as a nurse in a government hospital. Dieudonné holds a degree in Health Sciences from UNIGOM in DRC. Dieudonné thrives on the opportunity to help sick people and enjoys learning about the cultures of others at HOCW. He is from Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.


Adolphe Mulume

Adolphe is the Counseling Secretary, Computer teacher, English teacher, and Social Media Manager. He began working at HOCW in March 2014 after moving from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Prior to joining HOCW, Adolphe founded The Mummayago Project in Goma, DRC, which helped abused children recover through music and dance. He has studied IT for three years and is a Photoshop and Movie Maker master. "Ado" likes meeting new people from different countries and learning about their cultures.


Jacqueline Batamuliza

Jacqueline Batamuliza is a counselor and leads the children’s program at HOCW. She first came to HOCW as a tailoring student in 2013 and was hired as a staff member in June 2014. Jacqueline enjoys the opportunity to help children have fun while learning. Prior to HOCW, she taught English and math at Step Up primary school in Namasuba, Kampala, Uganda, where she is from. Jacqueline attended the Kisoro Teacher Training College.


Pacifique Bush

Bush first came to HOCW as an English and computer student in 2015 after he relocated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After completing his courses, he became an English and Swahili teacher in 2016. During his time at HOCW, he has enjoyed using multiple languages to communicate with others from all over the world. 


Sikavya Godfrey Kakule

Godfrey has been the Head of Tailoring at HOCW since 2014. In addition to teaching, he is also a self-employed tailor. Godfrey is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and fled to Uganda 10 years ago. He loves working at HOCW because of the family-like interaction within the community.


RemaH Nakibuule

Remah is from Uganda and has been working for HOCW since 2014. She started as a student, learning Swahili, before she became an English teacher. She studied Journalism and Education at Kijambogo University. Her favorite thing about HOCW is the organization's open arms, the opportunity to do what she loves most—teaching—and the people she works with.


Ambrose Musinguzi

Ambrose joined the staff in 2017 as the Supervisor of the Agriculture Department. He leads the planning and implementation of the Agriculture Collective. Before coming to HOCW, he worked as a farmer. He loves the sense of community and unity among the members.


Hindu Mutebi

Hindu is a Level IV English and Business instructor. She is from Uganda and has been at HOCW since 2012.  In addition to being a teacher, she also participates in the weekly debates. Her favorite aspects of HOCW are exchanging ideas with people from all over the world and feeling a part of a family. "It's one of the reasons why I have stayed at HOCW. It's a family, and I am considered as one of the members."


AYen Ngor

Ayen is a counselor and Level I English teacher at HOCW. She originally came from South Sudan in 2013 as a student in English, business, and computer. She joined the HOCW staff in 2015. As a teacher, she loves how her students, despite their different nationalities and tribal affiliations, encourage and support each other. 


Tatu Nankumbi

"Mama Tatu" runs the Canteen and the Craft Shop as well as oversees the Mushroom Collective. She came to HOCW in 2012 as an English student and member of the Women's Collective. Prior to joining the HOCW staff, she was a farmer and homemaker. She loves the services offered and the friends she has made at HOCW.


JosÉe Uwamarita

Josée has been working as the Manager of the SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization) since January 2017. Before coming to HOCW, she studied accounting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she is from. She loves the range of programs at HOCW. 


Grace Uwambaie

Grace co-runs the drop childcare program at HOCW. In 2015, she came to Uganda from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where she was studying accounting. She started working at HOCW in March 2016. Her favorite part of her job is taking care of children. 


Furaha Mariegorette

Furaha co-runs the drop childcare with Grace. She started working at HOCW in May 2017. Before working at HOCW, she was learning English at HOCW. She left the Democratic Republic of the Congo for Uganda in 2011. She loves the income-generating skills component of the organization.



Kelly Rigney

Kelly is the Volunteer Liaison Officer of HOCW. She co-manages the organization’s activities and handles all volunteer placements from her home in New York City. She is the Assistant Vice President of Medical Affairs at Children’s Health Fund in New York and has a master’s in Public Health from George Washington University; therefore, she has a particular interest in HOCW’s health-related activities. She wishes she could spend more time in Uganda!


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